Posted by: willenvelope | July 16, 2008

Tales of a Negative Critic

Perhaps it’s the nature of Slush: The items I review here, after all, have already been picked through. But my intention was to find the diamonds in the rough, to write about all the wonderful things that have been overlooked. Although I’ve had a small number of happy finds, I’m also panning a lot of stuff, and I feel a little guilty about it. Nobody wants to be a negative-vibe merchant.

Guess I’ll head back to the Slush to see if there are any self-help books that might help me forgive myself.



  1. I love a good harsh crit. This morning’s front page article in the SF Chronicle lambasting an ugly new parking garage:
    “The problem isn’t the scale of the 1,513-space behemoth. It’s the brake-screeching ineptness of the design – complete with turret-like attachments that stick out from the concrete structure with the grace of oversize Legos…. the design would embarrass a miniature golf course.” Now that’s fun to read, though a bit frightening for a designer like myself. Keep punching the Punch Brothers.

  2. I think your negative-to-positive ratio is pretty fair, and several of your “negative” reviews do acknowledge some good points. The sad fact is, most of what’s put out there for our consumption–books, music, art, film–is crap. It’s up to you to, as a critic, to find the good stuff and warn us against the bad.

  3. I agree wiv da squirrel, 4 wot its werth

  4. Hey Will. Nice use of negative-vibe merchant! If only this would make its way into the slush pile:

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