Posted by: willenvelope | July 29, 2008


Into the Sun (Explicit Version) ( ILG/SMG, 2008 )

This CD fucking sucks.

Candlebox Web site



  1. I realize that was a cheap shot. But these guys cop warmed-over Zep riffs just as blatantly as a vilified eighties hair-metal band like, say, Kingdom Come—yet with none of the fun. Not that Kingdom Come were even very fun to begin with: My central memory of them is listening to “Get It On” in between the math and English sections of the spring 1988 New Jersey standardized high school proficiency test. On the off-market-brand Walkman I got at the Trinity Church rummage sale for five dollars.

    Candlebox circa 2008 is less fun than that.

  2. Candlebox wishes they could be this sweet:

    Masterstroke: the little kid getting into bed with the leather-bound Kingdom Come storybook.

  3. My Gawd, I couldn’t watch more than 3 seconds of that video. That was painful stuff.

    Never heard this band. Never want to. That’s what I like about Slush City: a tight purposeful review with no sloppiness, no wasted words.

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