Posted by: willenvelope | July 30, 2008

Not Unslushed, part I

Air Traffic: Fractured Life ( Astralwerks, 2008 ). Boys with hairdos.

Bajofondo: Mardulce ( Surco/Decca, NA ). I’m suspicious of albums that have too many guest stars (Elvis Costello, Nelly Furtado, many others).

Chromeo: Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition)
( NA, NA ). “Deluxe,” in this case, meaning two Maxell CD-Rs with address labels slapped onto them. The budget edition, I’m guessing, is an old sneaker.

Sa Dingding: Alive ( Wrasse/Universal, 2007 ). Sticker on the front says, “Imagine Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, scored by the Cocteau Twins…”

Elihu-Rama: Music for a New Depression
(, 2008 ). Or maybe it’s “Rama and Elihu,” as it says on the CD-R. And maybe the title is Songs of a Native Oracle. The label, though, is definitely Or wait, it might be Alien-Country. No matter: This album “slices the political scene to shreds, then wands it back together.”

Everclear: The Vegas Years ( Capitol, 2008 ). Compilation of well-known FM covers including “Our Lips Are Sealed,” “American Girl,” “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and “867-5309/Jenny,” as played by Everclear, whose guitars have nuts in their mouths.

Donavon Frankenreiter: Pass It Around ( UMG, 2008 ). My first thought was, Sweet, yeah, pass that shit! But with song titles like “Life, Love & Laughter,” “Come with Me,” “Sing a Song,” and “Come Together,” I’m guessing Frankenreiter is all about the natural high. To my chagrin.


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