Posted by: willenvelope | August 1, 2008

Not Unslushed, part II

Various Artists: Freestyle Records: Single Minded ( Freestyle, 2008 ). A two-CD compilation of dance 12-inches, many of them probably good for some butt-shakin’ fun. Consequently, I have determined that I will give this to somebody in the office who likes butt-shakin’.

Gridlink: Amber Gray ( Hydra Head, 2008 ). The shitty art and shitty typography lead me to believe that this is some seriously shitty metal.

Conrad Herwig: The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter ( Half Note, 2008 ). This is probably pretty good, but damned if I’d be able to say anything intelligent about it. Herwig plays trombone, I can confirm that much. The slidey thing.

Him: Digital Versatile Doom ( Sire/Warner Bros., 2008 ). Industry-coopted death schlock featuring songs like “Buried Alive by Love,” “Dead Lovers’ Lane,” “Join Me in Death,” and “(Rip Out) The Wings of a Butterfly.” Assholes.

Low vs Diamond: Low vs Diamond ( Epic, 2008 ). “There’s this band. They’re pretty ordinary, but they’re also pretty good, so they’ve attracted some attention.”

Jesse McCartney: Departure ( Hollywood, 2008 ). Prettyboy smiling pretty to shill his shitty little ditties.

Mutlu: Livin’ It ( Manhattan, 2008 ). “Mixes soulful grooves, funky beats, and clever lyrics”; features guests Daryl Hall, G. Love, and Amos Lee. Can’t imagine enjoying this. This is probably the cup of tea for somebody who’s better adjusted.

Rosa Passos: Romance ( Telarc, 2008 ). Brazilian jazz singer who’s been recording for fifty years. Wait a minute. Actually, this looks pretty cool.



  1. Haha. Yeah, butt-shakin’ probably enjoyable, even for us non-BSs, and Rosa Passos… hmm, maybe…

    Can’t see that you missed anything here.

  2. Rosa Passos was basically a traditional jazz-vocal CD; not bad, but not as exotic as I’d hoped.

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