Posted by: willenvelope | August 4, 2008

Not Unslushed, part III

Ralph’s World: The Rhyming Circus
( Disney Sound, 2008 ). Kiddie record featuring Cash parody “Folsom Daycare Blues.”

Amy Ray: Didn’t It Feel Kinder ( Daemon, 2008 ). Solo album from former Indigo Girl. Pictures of horses throughout.

Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It
( Columbia, 2008 ). Hour ten of the big marketing meeting, Columbia/Sony HQ. They still haven’t figured out a name for this guy’s debut album. Every minute it’s late costs the label $5,000. “I don’t know, man,” Saadiq finally cries out in despair. “This shit…this shit…it’s just the way I see it.” “Jesus Christ, fine,” the marketing guy snaps, gathering his papers. “Let’s just call it that. I think this guy is retarded or something.”

Sisters Morales: Talking to the River ( Luna, 2008 ). Produced by Steve Berlin, who was in Los Lobos and the Blasters. But I couldn’t get past the damp graphic design: Looks like sample art from the DiscMakers catalog.

Chip Taylor: New Songs of Freedom ( Train Wreck, NA ). A hodgepodge mini-album from the songwriting great, featuring a few songs from 2001’s Black and Blue America—which, according to the creepy liner-note alibi, “received substantial acclaim in Europe but was never discovered in the U.S. because of the tragic events of 9/11.” Funny, that’s exactly why nobody’s heard of Thunderegg, either!

What Laura Says: Thinks & Feels ( Terpsikhore, 2008 ). I mentally shuffled through various iterations of the artist and album names here: Would I be more interested if it were Says & Thinks by What Laura Feels?  Doesn’t Say and Feels Nothing by What on Earth Is Laura Thinking? I guess it’s probably fine as is. Bonus: Features the surely hard-hitting number “Fashionably Moral.” Crank it!

Lucinda Williams: West ( Lost Highway/Universal, 2007 ). Spine sealed shut by one of those priapic copyright-infringement warning labels. Let it be.



  1. Hey – I was quite keen to hear that Chip Taylor CD. I like some of the stuff he’s done with Carrie Rodriguez, and a compilation from the various CDs of the last few years seems like a decent starting off place. These things sometimes work, although rarely garner much acclaim. MIght be worth a rethink (but then again…)

    Know what you mean about the Lucinda Williams CD. I reject anything that says copyright protected and prevents you from burning it….

    Free the music, man.

  2. Yeah, I had that one on my desk for a few days before finally blowing it off — I hate it when people play the 9/11 card frivolously, and a commercial context is the worst of all. But you’re right, it probably wasn’t bad.

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