Posted by: willenvelope | September 29, 2008

The IdealStretch Hamstring Stretcher

This thing, which sort of looks like a snowshoe, or maybe a dog sled for chihuahuas, has been in the slush cabinet for more than a year now, awkwardly butting against the pile of CDs and occasionally, to my frustration, sending them scattering. I had really come to hate it, not that I knew what it was. But the other day, in the great 2008 spirit of understanding our enemies so that we may one day love them, I hauled it out and gave it a little attention. (A diagram explaining how to use it is helpfully woven into its straps.) And damned if it didn’t feel pretty good to stretch out those pitifully coiled hammies of mine! Better still, I mentioned it to my squirrelfriend, who can run for freaking ever, and she was all, “Hell yeah! Bring that thing home!”

My hope is that we may see redsquirrel’s more thorough product review in the comments section sometime soon.

IdealStretch official Web site



  1. The Squirrel’s belated review here…it is true that I’m a pretty regular runner and that, for some reason, I almost never stretch at home. When I go to the gym, I always devote several pre-shower minutes to stretching, but when I come back from a run in the park, I get diverted by other things. As a result, I get pretty stiff, which for a runner can mean all manner of injuries. So I was happy when Will brought home this odd, splinty-looking thing that would serve as a reminder to limber up. I’ve been using it now for about two weeks and the verdict is…mostly positive. I like how it ensures proper form by keeping knees and ankles aligned just so, allowing me to relax my muscles and get a deeper stretch. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility. Cons? It takes up space, for one, which is a liability in New York apartments. These guys should develop a folding version. Also, I look kind of silly using it, lying on my back with my legs waving around in the air; I generally use it only when nobody’s around. But overall I say it’s a worthwhile gadget if you’re either a serious athlete or recovering from an injury or other impairment (which, I think, was its original purpose). Thanks, SLUSHCITY!

  2. Nice work, Squirrel. It does seem a major oversight that there isn’t a folding version.

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