What Is Slush?

I am a freelance copy editor. Sometimes I work at home, sometimes I work in the library, but sometimes I do magazine jobs in big office buildings where there are piles of free stuff: CDs, books, T-shirts, bottles of bug spray, and Sonic Boom alarm clocks that vibrate the bed and strobe the lamp on your nightstand because a regular alarm simply won’t cut it.

It is items from this pile (especially music) that Slush City primarily concerns itself with. The things that were sent to magazines—some by bright-eyed young artists, some by jaded old publicists—that, for whatever reason, were jettisoned as freebies for the always-hungry-for-schwag staffers. Things that were overlooked, sometimes criminally and sometimes deservedly.

Bands, writers, alarm-clock developers: Resist feeling bad that you were in the Slush. You are Slush, but I am too. And while sometimes I may be harsh, I assuage my conscience by writing occasional pieces about how idiotic reviewers usually are in the first place.

Note that I am often operating without any background information. A CD-R that might look like a crappy demo may well be a gajillion-dollar major-label project. My hope is that this keeps me a little more objective. Also, not everything here is going to be new: Sometimes it takes months, even years, for items to find their way to the Slush. And once they’re there, there’s no telling how long it’ll take to dig themselves out.



  1. So – are you a ‘professional’ album smeller or just amateur?

  2. Pro. The way albums smell will be an ongoing factor in the reviews here. Remember the way some tapes smelled kind of grapey?

  3. thanks for smelling our cd.

  4. I experienced this phenomenon when I worked in public radio. So many promo CDs were sent in that we were often allowed to take the dupes and/or pick through the pile of rejected stuff that didn’t fit our “music for old people” format.

  5. It is obvious that you are talented. Why in the world would you down yourself and others by using the word slush. Respectfully, I think that you should rename slushcity and refer to yourself and others as pearlcity. A so-called reject is often considered a treasure to others. Remain positive and become a voice that fills a need that is in high demand.

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